Nathan Clarkson is an actor, author, and artist, with a passion to inspire people to know their creator and live the story God has for them to tell.

Nathan has appeared in national commercials, TV-shows, and major feature films. Recently Nathan starred opposite Kevin Sorbo in the hit faith-based feature-film Confessions of a Prodigal Son written and produced by Nathan and his production company Lighting Dark. Nathan is currently in pre-production for his next film project, so keep your eyes out.

Nathan has released his first book Different; a personal memoir of stories and thoughts about how God uses the "differences" in our lives to tell the story He has for us to tell.

Nathan was and is constantly described as "different", and even though Nathan struggled (and still does) with depression, anxiety, rebellion, and was diagnosed with OCD, ODD, ADHD, and other learning disabilities- With God's help Nathan was able to take what many would see as "disorders" and "problems" and turn them into "superpowers". 

Nathan lives in New York City but can often be found in Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, or adventuring around the country and world speaking and sharing his passion for helping people better know their Creator and the story He has for them to tell. Nathan is a imperfect but dedicated Jesus follower, passionate about revealing truth, beauty, true love, and purpose through the beautiful art of story. 

Nathan loves going to movies, binging Netflix, traveling, carbs, informal theological debates, air drumming, acoustic covering pop songs, washing his hands, and Jesus ;)