Special is a good thing. Also very cliche, but good.

Your children, your friends, your coworkers even your family are all different. Just like me. VERY different. You might not know this, but I promise if you look behind you at your beautiful children playing on the floor you will see it.

Here look, I’ll show you

Child Number 1: Is building a well thought-out and smartly designed layout of New York with the blocks and foam rings you have so graciously provided for your kids. He is quiet and methodical, and you can see his little hands carefully putting each of the plastic toys in their well thought out place, one step closer to completing his masterpiece.

Child Number 2: Has just put a ring and  brick together named it baby Abby and now she is feeding the blocks with a stick that has seemed to turn into sustenance. In her little eyes you can see the caring as she gently takes care of and with gentle hands provides and cares for this imaginary creature, that she genuinely believes to be alive and need caring for.

Child Number 3: (me) Is throwing the blocks at child Number 1 and child Number 2. Oh, and is now come up with a war cry that involves the words “kill” and “lunch time” and has begun throwing the toys you so so graciously gave to him use constructively……At you.

Guess what…. This is beautiful. They all, are completely different, and all of them, are exactly who they are supposed to be. But unfortunately this is not what they will hear as they go from class to class and peer-to-peer. They will hear that they are not fitting in the right way. They’re not learning in they style they should. They will feel stupid when; they can’t spell chrysanthemum, or know how to find X and the square root or 67,910,998,189. I remember thinking that somehow there was something wrong with me, when my friends would talk about calculus after class, because to be honest I didn’t know if they we speaking in a unknown language, or maybe they had joined a cult that used insanely baffling sounding equations to confuse and destroy the ones like me.

But what I wasn’t told by this world/school/all of my peers, is that I wasn’t made to do math, or be a good speller. Not that those things are bad, and honestly the people who ARE good at them amaze me. But that’s not how I was made. I was made to love music and performing, to enjoy words, and not just grammar! I was made special. And so were you. I promise the person you’re sitting next to you, or the child playing with your kid right now, is both better and worse at different things. That’s beautiful.

We are all made beautifully and wonderfully and each of our individual strengths are made to compliment and help each other. We were made like this so we would need each other. Unfortunately we as humans seem to want to put people into a box, we earnestly desire for things to all fit into to what we deem as normal.

Well let me blow your mind right now. NONE of us are normal, BUT all of us are special. I know, very cliché, but true.

So what are we, today; going to do to realize that we are made special. AND how are we going to show those around us they are made beautifully and just the way they should be?