The Earth Shakes, The Hills Are On Fire. And It Is Still All Going To Be Okay.

I drove into Los Angeles exactly two years ago on this day. I remember there was fire leading my way, billows of smoke ushered me in. The feeling of the city was the same that echoed my life-It was the aroma of unrest and uncertainty. It seemed that very little was under control and as the fires burned OUT of control in my life and the hills of California-God WAS in control.

Two years later I sit here reflecting on what an amazing path God has led me on. And no it was not an easy one and I have my fair share of fires, ups and downs and uncertainty. To be honest I still have little under control. BUT I am beginning to learn He does.

So as I sit here writing this, Remembering the past two years. I should tell you what just happened-The earth shook, or quaked rather. And as I was sitting there at my desk (five minuets ago), A few things followed.

First, three people shouted "Earthquake" which despite being a very obvious observation helped me slower than I'd like to admit, come to the realisation that I was in the center of an earthquake. While the ground was still shaking I began to text loved ones. Then last but not least I started having a deep thought about life and God. All of this while people were yelling something at me. I still don't know what they said, but I'll get under a doorway in a second, first I would like to tell you what occurred to me.

I think one of the things that stuck me most (aside from my water bottle) was THE EARTH IS SHAKING.Tthat's amazing and very unsettling when you think about it, to have the very earth we stand on shake, brings up such feelings of unease and discomfort. But at the same time I am reminded that God is bigger!

The bible talks about when God setting the pillars of the earth with his mighty hands, and fire coming from heaven to welcome God's presence. That's amazing to think about to me.  That even in the entire city of Los Angeles could be shaking, yet it was God who set the pillars of the earth we live on in the first place. It reminds me that our hope is not in this earth not shaking, or the hills not burning. But rather our hope should be placed in God being in control OF the earth that is shaking, and the fires raging.

I find in my life, even when the earth isn't shaking or the city burning. My world very often looks and feels as if it is falling apart. Wether it's the disappointment of rejection, the fear of an unknown future, the uncertainty of love or your next pay check, the bitter sting of betrayal from a close friend, or maybe just loneliness. I think all of our worlds from time to time fall apart, all of our lives have natural disasters. That no matter how hard we try to control or fix, we can't.

But the amazing thing is our hope is not in a world that is falling apart but a God who holds us together. We have someone to look to that is so much bigger than our strength or any others we can rely on. We have a God while not always letting us know every detail of what's going on or what's going to happen, cares about us and is strong enough to hold us together and know help us through anything that may arise in our lives.

He can put broken families back together, heal hurt relationships, teach us to forgive what we never thought we could get past, and open doors we never thought we could break down.

So as I leave you and go run for cover remember this.

God loves, wants to lead you, you and is much much bigger and stronger than you can ever know. And everything actually WILL be okay.