This is my girl.

Look at this girl.  Her name is Rachael, she is my girlfriend but she is also much more than just that.

This really is just a post to show off something that I am extremely proud of.

This girl is my girlfriend and she means more to me than almost anyone. But I am not with her just because she is unbelievably beautiful.

I am with her because right now she is in the other room, cooking for me and my family, and is truly showing what it means to be a servant.

I am so proud of her, because she is the most talented girl in the world, at almost everything and still thinks my weakest attempts at anything are amazing.

I love being with her, because she really is the best person I have ever met but she is normal, and upfront about her mistakes, and even better she CONSTANTLY puts up with mine.

I look up to her because she not only loves and chases God with everything she has, but pushes me to every day.

I respect her because she is classy and shows EVERYONE love and mercy.

I admire her because she loves taking care of things, she works with dementia patients for a job and comes home and encourages me, and takes care of an adorable dog Abby.

I think she is amazing because she loves me through all of my mistakes (of which I have a lot) she chooses to know who I really am and still like me, and because every day she is what makes me want God more, and try one more time.

Also she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

also she has an amazing blog with incredible thoughts and food adventures that we go on- this link

So there is really not any huge epiphany but, I think you should all find someone as amazing as Rachael, because I believe with all my heart God putting her in my life has made all the difference and will be the reason I will become the man I should be.