When all we have is our head in our hands...

Do you have those times, when nothing is right and the only place to go is in your hands? Well, the answer is yes, we all do. We all have those times.

Sometimes, we fight God, we wrestle and push against his gentle hands. We think we know best and we find our selves hurting, or alone.

And sometimes, life just decides beat up on us, it kick us while were down, we get betrayed and our dreams fall apart.

But the light in all of this, is, God is there, ready to catch us. Not because of anything we can do to earn it, or because we are good enough to receive it. But simply because He can and He loves us.

So below is a song I wrote when I felt like my world was falling apart and there was nothing I could do to fix it. I didn't deserve help, but at the same time I felt his loving hand reach into my mess and put me back together.

Fight You

When all that I have is my head in my hands, But all that I want is your hands on my heart. Be near, be here When everything else in my world falls apart, And grace is just the tourniquet from which I'm to far. Please, find me.

Oh, how I fight you. But Oh, how you love me.

When everyone else in my world walks away, And I can't seem to see your light leading my way. Burn bright, in my night. I feel im going at this all on my own, Let the fire you once lit inside me be shown. Burn all, of my pride.

Oh, how I fight you. But Oh, how you love me.

When I forget how to trust start fighting your hand, You hold me even closer and whisper your plan. In my ear, make me hear. When all my mistakes leave me broken and marred, And love is your autograph burned on my heart. In blood, your precious love.

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