Rocking out

Right now I am rocking out. I have my ear phones on at work. I have the music I love turned up to the max-And as the moving sounds of heavy beats and soothing melodies invade my ears, they begin finding their way to my soul, causing a visceral reaction in my body. I am now moving back and fourth, fading in and out of playing air instruments, and something that vaguely resembles break dancing. I am getting subtle looks from my coworkers indicating how crazy I look. But to be honest I don’t care, I am feeling something very strongly and feel the need to be affected by it.

Later, I will get into my car and as I drive home, I will turn my music up as loud as possible. I will let myself become immersed in it-in the words, the melody, the feeling and the emotion of the song. It will take over my inhibitions and I will tap my fingers and hands on the makeshift drum set of my steering wheel. I will play my air guitar using my seat belt as my frets. I will sing as loud as I can while moving left and right to this . As I do this people on my left and right, are either laughing or looking on in confused wonderment. They can’t hear the music I hear, so they can not feel what I am feeling. But what they can see is the effect the music is having on me as a whole, and I wonder if maybe just one or two of the thousands of drivers I am passing wish to hear what I am hearing so maybe they could share in the moment I am so clearly enjoying.

Jesus came and sang us a song; a beautiful, infectious, life changing song. We have the chance to not only hear it but, to let it take hold of us. It’s a song that will change you and heal you. It’s a song that only those who know him will be able to hear. You will look ridiculous as you begin to rock out to the song he sang to us, but as you do people will see how this perfect piece of music effects every area of your lives, many people will think you’re crazy, but some after seeing you rock out to it this song, will want to hear it too.

So let the song He sung to us affect you and every part of your life, so others will see and want to hear the song we get to rock out to...Too.

And if you haven’t heard the song message me, I’ll send you the Mp3.