Wisdom Chasers. How a young man caught a glimpse of God in his youth.

I was faced with a decision when I was 19. Let me explain. I had moved out and was living in the Big City (New York) on my own. I remember it was a cold and rainy night, my family had left to go back to Colorado and there I was, little old (well actually very, very young) me. I had no idea what I was doing and I was all alone. But there, on my first night out on my own, as I was sitting on my Ikea bed in my small apartment bedroom in Harlem (Yes... I know the family wasn't thrilled, but I was poor), I heard a voice. It was God, He said "Chase me!" and suddenly He ran out the door and into the pouring rain. I yelled after him that I was cold and alone and was kinda tired, but He just kept running.

So there I was, faced with a bigger decision than I could ever imagine. Chase after God, or do what I feel like. Well I chased God, I chased him right into the pouring rain-where I danced and sang with the Creator of the universe. I chased him through the next year of ups and downs, friends and heart-break, hurts and joys. I chased him right out to Hollywood California, where today I'm finally able to look back at all the chasing of God and say with complete honesty... It has made all the difference.

These are a collection of thoughts and the glimpses of Gods wisdom I had to chase down. All compiled into my very first book. I would love for you to become a Wisdom Chaser too. Click to get your very own copy. Thank you so much.

Off to chase!


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