Who Are You Calling?

I drew this picture a while ago, I guess it was kind of a reflection, not of what I necessarily  was. But rather a visual interpretation of what I should be doing.

It's a picture of someone calling out with all they have to another. Reaching to them from a higher place to pull them from their situation.

It's something I believe we all have been called to do-Call. Not just from a stage, pulpit, a TV screen or even a blog! But rather there are people in our lives everyday dying to be called to, looking for a hand to pull them back from the brink.

I know if the people God put in my life to call to me, when I was at the edge, hadn't, I would be a very different person.

So who are you calling to? Who are you reaching for? I promise someone needs you to.

Maybe you're not calling at all, and you need to realize that you are the one who was put in a specific someones life to reach and call out to them.

Or maybe you have been calling to someone for years and they just don't see to hear you, I implore you to keep calling, they will listen in time.

Or maybe you're the one who needs calling out to, the one who needs to be brought back from the brink-If this is you, then please open up your eyes to the people already calling to you, I promise they're there.

So whoever you are-Mother, father, sister, brother, friend, pastor, movie star, or just a person. There is someone in your life who needs you to start or to call  out to them, to reach in to their situation and help them out. Who are you calling?