My confession.

I have a confession to make, I Nathan J Clarkson have been lying to you.

Don't worry, not intentionally, but none the less, I have been being less than honest with you.

I remember when I was in high school , I began learning the art of saying what I thought God wanted to hear. If you were to walk into a room while youth group was going on. You would feel the eagerness of youth searching for answers to the barley tested waters called life. We would sit in circles staring at each other wondering how we would show and what we would say about what we knew about life god and love. But only now at 22 am I starting to get a picture for how much I don't know.

And that is okay.

I say "I have been lying to you" because, while not intentionally trying to deceive you- Almost every time I sit down at this computer I began going through my mind, searching,  to tell you (whoever might be reading this. Mom, girlfriend, etc...) all the things I know, all the things that should be told, or you should know, or points that need to be proven. But truth be told, I don't know much.


What I have finally found out, is that their is freedom in not knowing. It not having all the answers. For I think (not know) that when we allow ourselves to put on the truth that we don't and don't have to know everything. We can greater know the one who does.