Beautiful things should never be cheap.

As a poor starving artist, I rarely eat at the finest of establishments, not because I don't love fine food, but simply because if I did this on a regular basis, I would have to start choosing between that, or driving, and sleeping in a room that has a roof.

But every now and again, I find my more civilised self tapping me on the shoulder, handing me a collard shirt and nudging me out the door to a more than usual classy night. Recently I had an occasion to take a pretty lady to dinner, it was a night that called for a fancy place, and so I answered its call with a rooftop restaurant looking out over all of LA. It was beautiful, the music was playing softly and the entire space was lit in a way that made you feel as if you stood above the norm and grim of everyday life. For the first few minuets we enjoyed a the ambiance letting all the classyness that hung in the air seep in. Until of course the menu came. I opened to find a hear attack awaiting me in the prices of food, or at least the ones listed. I was about to decide to fill up on water when, a calming peace came over me, and God seemed to whisper in my ear. "It's worth it". So I made the decision to let go of my fears of price or anything of that nature and simply enjoy the chance to experience the finer things for a night.

I have very rarely tasted food as good, every bite was an experience, enhanced only by the beauty of the view, the girl and the ambience of the night. So that when the check came, the price seemed small for the memory we were able to share. I think even though I might be eating from the 99 cent store for a year, that God was happy. God loves special things, God loves when beautiful things are expensive.

It's very sad to me to watch our culture, tares apart, throws away and makes fun and light of the things God has made sacred and beautiful. It's as if we are putting 99% off sales, on things that should cost a fortune. Turn on the TV and just watch as sex; something that was made beautiful by God to be shared with one person, is made into a game to play and win at. Or our as we flip through magazines you'll see the young girls who jump at the chance to sell their own bodies take and off their clothes just advertise a new makeup.

I think more than anything it makes me sad. Because I don't think we know what we are doing. And I don't think we are looking at the effect it will carry out on our lives. But when we begin to cheapen the things that were made to come a very high price, we starting losing touch with what we are worth. I guess if you take nothing else from this, remember that you are expensive and you came a high price. So recognize what is worth a fortune and don't take the knock off brand. And be willing to pay a fortune for something that truly deserves it.

Especially you ladies, you are beautiful and wonderfully made, you are made to be honored and respected. Your level of worth is that God would die for you. So that being the standered, never let your self be bought for anything less than a fortune. If any man is worth being with, He will remind you of your true worth and treat you a such.


Sorry, a little ranty and disorganized this post, but I live in a place where people aren't valued and people don't value themselves. So I just wanted to remind you all of the amazing immaculate worth you have. You were made in the image of God, and are truly priceless.