I woke up this morning and with no hesitation I went through the list of what I want,

I wanted to eat, so I planned what food I should give to my self.

Then, halfway through making my self breakfast I had an unhealthy desire for coffee, so I poured caffeine down my throat.

Then I wanted to sit down in my the blue chair, but my roommate was sitting in the chair I wanted to sit in, so I decided to have a bad attitude and be grumpy.

I pulled out my iphone, and wanted to send a text without moving my fingers and suddenly wondered why I had to be the only person in the world without Siri...Life is really hard on me.

Then I walked back to my room and saw this picture of a young girl living in a third world country, celebrating because her village now has clean water. She is ecstatically happy because of water......just water.....

I have water, in fact I have around 20 glasses of half filled drunken water on my counter. I sometimes take hour-long showers because I can. And every now and again I pay people to dump it on my car because there is a smudge on my car window. And I don't think I have ever once been as thankful as her for water.

I have lots of water, food, friends, but somehow I still find something to complain about, daily.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having, wanting or needing things. But how often are the things we find ourselves buying spending time on or getting-revolving only around ourselves and what we think we should have.

How often do we need a cup of coffee so we buy one for four bucks, how often are we hungry so we get a snack for our selves, how often do we want a new ipad so we get one for our selves? There is nothing wrong with any of these things, but lets turn it on the flip side.

How often when we are eating, we think of the millions of people (thousands in our own country) who wont be eating today,

How often do we play angry birds on our ipad do we think of the fact that for the same price of single ipad an entire village could have a well providing clean water, saving the lives of thousands.

I every day, ignore, coddle, and intentionally live selfishly. I have decided to fight that. So I am not going to do that with you.

If you have a sink, and have eaten today, you are blessed and richer than 99% of the world. You need to give. You will never actually be happy until you do. Neither will I. So, I don't care where it is. But we need to give, I need to give, You need to give.

So I started a fundraiser for a group started by a young man in my church that is giving the most basic and necessary thing for life there could be. Giving water to those who need it.

I would be absolutely honored if you would consider giving to my fund-raiser Nathan John Clarkson's Give a Cup of Cold Water

Honestly, to reach my goal I need you, but for someone to live another day they need you. Please don't think about giving, just do. The new iphone can wait. A child's life cannot. Your awesome, no go be awesome.

Click this link to give to my fundraiser.