Is God Bigger than the Fire?

Right now, my home-town is burning, a fire is ravaging its way through houses and neighborhoods destroying countless memories and lives. It burns almost completely out of control, sending tens of thousands of people from their homes and forced to seek shelter from this monster arriving in epic but tragic movie fashion, here to wreak havoc and ensue chaos.

I cannot even imagine the pain so many are feeling.

My home is filled with people seeking shelter from the fire, praying for Gods will.

But while millions watch as this fiery creature eats its way through so much beauty leaving only ash. I am forced to evaluate and ponder what I think about God and who He is.

I would be lying to my self and you if I were to say I haven't struggled and questioned him. I want to know how He could let this happen and how He could let this go on.

But, as I pray and ask these questions, as I look God in the eye and ask why and how?

I am met with an overwhelming peace. The same comfort we feel as children when our father is near, no matter what is happening.

Then I hear him ask me...

"Who do you believe is greater?

I look at the pictures of the fire covering my precious mountains I grew up in, again I hear him ask

"Who do you believe is greater?"

I see and hear the stories of people losing everything they owned in flames.

"Who do YOU believe is greater, me or the fire that rages on?"


No matter where we are or what happens in this life, the truth is - there will never be a time when there is not going to be a monster threatening to destroy, or a fire waging war.

Rarely do we see it so vividly. But none the less this world will never have a shortage of fires, figurative or literal.

So as I struggle and wrestle, at the end of the day as the fire roars on, I remember that my hope lies not in the absence of fires but the presence of a loving, powerful God.

I remember I am not living for this world where sickness kills, thieves steal and fires burn, but for a kingdom to come.

But until then, we have a loving God who cares about our smallest worry concern and heartache. He is ready to hold, love, comfort and remind us He is bigger than any fire we could ever face.


Please join with me in praying for protection, comfort, community, wisdom and peace.

Prayer is real and will change things. We have a powerful God. The Powerful God.


‎"We don't have a permanent city here, but rather we are looking for the city that is still to come. "So let’s continually offer up a sacrifice of praise through him, which is the fruit from our lips that confess his name." -Hebrews 13:14-15