Wouldn't You?

Even if it was all a lie, Even if it all turned out to not be true...

Wouldn’t you rather go through this life believing that-

You were made intentionally and with a specific purpose, by a loving creator that gave his life for you.

That this isn’t all there is, and there is a better place waiting for you after this world with no hurt or pain.

That you aren’t some random gathering of mass, that luckily got a few years to exist. But rather you were designed.

That you are a beautiful soul, instead of simply a decaying physical body.

That all of the love, laughter, pain, triumph, joy, sorrow, friendship, family and life you experience is actually shaping eternity. And not just a futile way to spend time?

Even if it was all a lie, and all of it was made up.

Wouldn’t you rather believe?

And if you did, wouldn’t just simply believing it...

Change        e v e r y t h i n g ?