Make Your Demons Dance To a New Tune (Guest Post)

Tonight I rushed home from work…feeling exhausted, a little sick, and rundown. I was ready to curl up with my dog and watch some mindless television.  I didn’t want to be convicted, or forced to think, or have any deep realizations. So, I turned on E News.I was thinking I’d see some “who wore it better” or “fashion police” type of stuff. But instead, one of the hosts was talking about how many young Hollywood actors, full of potential, tragically died under the age of 25. The exact words of this host were: “These talented young people succumbed to some very dark demons.” This immediately sent chills down my spine. We all know that Hollywood can be a very dark place. One of my goals in being here is to somehow bring light to this city. But it’s not just temptation we’re fighting…it’s our own demons. We are fighting a war everyday…and remaining complacent about it. The host said that the most common downfalls of these young starlets were drugs, addiction, depression and suicide. I think not only Hollywood, but our entire generation, puts so much pressure on being “famous”…being “liked”…even on Facebook, it’s all about how many people “liked” your food photo of the day. We are longing for something so deeply in our hearts and souls. We are aching for love. We are hurting for affection. We are in pain because we are lacking this crucial affirmation. This pain leads to anything that will numb us. This is exactly what Satan wants.

Sometimes I let myself forget that Satan is real. I forget that there is a war going on…and we are in the midst of it. Living in Hollywood, I sometimes feel that I am fighting so many battles…so many demons. Drugs, sex, alcohol, money, fame, glory. I sometimes become overwhelmed and wonder why God has called me to be in LA. What does He think I can possibly do? I’m trying my best, but how can a tiny girl have any power over these demons we all face? And then I remember…it’s not me who holds the power. Luke 10:17 says:

“Master, even the demons danced to your tune!”

Jesus goes on to tell the seventy he had chosen that he had given them “safe passage as you walk on snakes and scorpions, and protection from every assault of the Enemy.”

We all face demons everyday. The demons manifest into severe temptation. Maybe you want so badly to drink your depression away. Maybe you want to have sex with your boyfriend and you really don’t see the harm in it anymore. Maybe you’re tired of feeling alone and feel that a few pills could ease that hurt. We allhave demons…but we aren’t supposed to face them alone. Turning on E News (and informing yourself on Hollywood history) is enough proof that when we try to fight these wars alone, it doesn’t work. Like it or not, we will always have demons in our lives, twirling around us, that we are dancing with daily. But what if there was a way to change the tune of that dance? Place your trust in God’s hands tonight…and He alone can make even the worst demons dance to His tune.


-Rachael Lee Stroud

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