The Artist, The Scientist and ME.

I am an artist, in my head there is always something new to be made, sung, seen and created. I was made this way, I was made this way because I was made by a designer who made me to follow him on his love for creation.

When I write a song, draw a picture, or create a story, I am literally living in the image of my creator who loves artistic expression so much that He - being the first artist - after creating beauty in nature for his and our pleasure, created ME to create beauty for his and others pleasure, to greater reveal his nature as an intelligent designer and bring share in his artistic endeavor called life.


But there is a belief now, that if you believe that god is an artist, you don’t believe in science.


But I also think God is the master scientist!


Individuals who believe in intelligent design, don't not believe in science, in fact it's the opposite, they believe in science to it's fullest, they respect science far more than those who think it simply happened. They honor the beauty of science by believing that something as beautiful and increasingly complex as something like DNA must have had a master designer. That the amazing life we find in our scientific searches is simply to beautiful to have just happened, and rather was built intentionally and specific purpose.


Scientific exploration no more negates the idea of intelligent design, than opening up a computer learning about how and why it works, and coming to the conclusion that there must have been a programmer does.


I cannot ignore the beautiful intent of what I see every day.

Wherever I look I see finger prints of a master craftsman left scattered across his masterpieces.

When I look into the night sky and gaze at the ever expanding splashing of stars, I see a master designer, when I look at a close up view of a human cell I see an engineer, meticulous and sensical. When I study the human brain I see a programmer carefully installing the necessary programs to sustain life, When I see a human face, I see an artist passionately molding beautiful form utilizing all different colors to create beautiful eyes hair and skin.


If you choose, to look at these things and simply see an accident, that is you choice and you have every right to it your opinion.

But, I will always implore you to look again.