Vote For Something Better

An artists rendering of what heaven looks like. When I reached Los Angeles and found a place to live after a month of searching and sleeping on floors- I was ecstatic. I discovered a small but perfect place in North Hollywood. As I walked into my room my first night there, my mind suddenly burst with ideas about how to make my space complete. Immediately I began to make it the best place to live I could, hanging up pictures on the plain white walls and arranging furniture in the most feng shui way possible. But I also found out other people had ideas about what was the best way to arrange the apartment. Living with three other people, my roommates and I (of course) often differ in opinion on the best arrangement for our shared space. Our most common discussion is where the best place for a TV. So we (more than we should) talk back and forth about where the optimal placement for the old hunk of screen is. We weigh where the light would be best and where the sound would have the most epic feel. But as I think about it, I realize, rarely do we ever actually care where the TV actually is, and we end up not even moving it at all. I think the reason for this is, at the end of the day, we know while making our apartment the best it can be is important and fun- we know somewhere in the back of our minds, that this tiny old apartment is not our permanent home. Each of us have dreams of moving out someday to better places and even owning our own homes.

While, I never want to diminish the importance of elections or leaders, I think it important to remember that this physical  earth/country/state is not our permanent home. Our creator and designer has not called us to set up on earth a kingdom but rather add to the kingdom of heaven.

In these last hours as we eagerly await to see who will run out country and become essentially the most powerful man in the world. I think it is our nature to get caught up in the worries and fears of losing, or the excitement of what winning would feel like, to feel hope when we see our candidate speaking of how they will make a better world for us. But among all this political talk and policy toting, I think we forget maybe where our hope actually lyes.

To be honest, no matter who wins the election to run this country, God is still in control. And yes, while building a better place and country and world is optimal, it still is all passing, it is all part of a world that we will leave. It is all part of a temporary home.

We are living for a country beyond this, a place where we will be face to face with our creator living in true purpose and fulfillment.

So today, pray for God's will, and HIS kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. And remember no matter what happens we are passing through on our way to the best country of all.