The Song YOU were Made to Sing I was 17, I had bleached my hair, and I was looking to change the world, I didn't know how but I was always willing for an adventure.

Even though I was just on the stage of my local high-school with my best friends as part of a last minute dare we gave our selves. I knew that was where God wanted me.

So even as I sang ignorant of the fact God was lighting a fire in me - to have a passion to be a light in front of people (taken very literally in this performance in my entirely white get up) through mixed metaphors, missed notes, and forgotten lyrics. He wanted me there-living out of the box, in front of people, singing and performing my heart out.

I am still, even now, six years later- learning, hearing, and fine-tuning what exactly God has called my song to be, but as long as I am here, and willing to sing, I know without a doubt he will continue to teach me the song I was made to sing.

So in this new year, be willing to take the dares God gives you and sing the song you were made to sing. It just might change the world.

Now watch, laugh, and try not to swoon.