We are WHOLE

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We are whole beings, made uniquely, beautifully and completely connected to every part of our being.

When it comes to our entity, we are not separated from any part of ourself, we are not categorized into different sections.

Just like our physical form, our hand is not part of a different body than our eyes. In the same way our mind is not separated from our heart and emotions.

We were created and designed complete.

But so often we live in a way where we believe this not to be true, we willfully compromise what we know to be true, right, good; fully believing it will have not effect to the rest of who we are, and who we will become. But if every part of us is connected, compromise in one area is to comprise our entire being.

We can not sequester the "guilty pleasure", "one time thing" or "just tonight" to one part of who we are locking it away in hopes it will have no effect on the rest our inner person. Can the head fall to the ground and expect the rest of the body to stand upright?

So we must live with the knowledge that everything we do, every path we take effects ALL of who we are.

BUT when we grasp this reality, we soon find that, every hard choice we make for the better, every exercise in strength, every healthy decision we make doesn't simply benefit us simply in that moment...But rather, they are the decisions that affect our whole being, and actually artfully creating who we are and who we will become.