First Date of the Rest of My Life

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 4.32.12 PM Three years ago exactly, at this very time, I was sitting nervously in my room preparing for what might very well have been the most important night of my life. But me not knowing that was concerned with slightly less important details like trying to figure out what I should wear, and planning in my head what I would say when she came outside, while was mentally going over everything I had planned for the night to make sure that everything went right. Because tonight was the first date of the rest of my life.

Her name was Rachael and she was everything I had ever thought I had wanted in my twenty-one years I had spent on this crazy place; She was drop dead gorgeous, she had a soul that was deep and wanted answers to life's big questions, she was an actress and model, she was ridiculously funny, and funnily ridiculous, she was feisty, she made me fight for her attention, and her gaze was fixed on her creator. She was the one.

For months we had been becoming better friends, as we would spend night after night talking on the phone, texting and learning who each other were. But that night three years ago was where it all led up to, it had all come down to this, the night I had convinced Rachael Lee Stroud to let me take her on a date. Just one date.

I picked her up and almost couldn't help falling in love instantly as she walked out of her house wearing a shirt that said "stop pretending to be french". That was Rachael, and weirdly how I knew I couldn't live without her. The rest of the night carried on like a normal date would. Eating Italian food, seeing the current theater rom-com. And as the night was winding down and I was walking her and her dog as we quickly approached the nights end, I knew I had to do something. So there in the dark, after taking most likely the deepest breath of my entire life, I suddenly grabbed her hand and as we continued walking I said "You're my girl", there was a moment where the me and the entire city of Los Angeles held its breath to see where this life altering moment would lead..... Then. "Okay". And like that the most perfect girl who God has ever created, agreed to become mine.

It is now three years later- And as I am about to get off the computer to spray myself with cologne, and put on my coolest outfit in preparation of once again picking up the love of my life to go back to that little restaurant and see whatever rom-com is showing tonight; I stop for just a second and think back to that night, I think what I could have missed, what I could have never known had I not decided to take the beautiful chance at love I was given when I reached out and grabbed her hand. How glad I am, that I did.

With that I must go, I have the most beautiful woman waiting, who has not only agreed to go out on another date with me three years later, but has even agreed to spend her life with me and marry me.

Just remember sometimes the most life changing moments happen when even the smallest leaps of faith are taken.