Don't (just) ask Jesus into your heart

20131230-011023.jpg As a new year looms on the horizon, new thoughts, visions, and wonders fill our mind. For some it can cause excitement, a wind of a new beginning, but for many an uncertain new year brings something else; For some of us the this new year is a shadow that is impossible to see into, containing the unknown and bringing about uncertainty with every step closer into the mist we take.

As I lay in bed counting the things I'm iffy about in this coming year- the tasks I need to get done, and the feats I must accomplish, I suddenly feel a knocking at my brain. It's God. My creator the one who made me, and holds the entire universe. He waits patiently for me to finish up what I'm doing and answer him. I do, and cordially invite him in. He walks confidently in keeping his eyes knowingly on all the things going on around me in this house I call my mind. And without so much as a sogoodtoseeya he rests his eyes on me and in his gentle and powerful voice, says"fear not".

At this point I have a choice, I can allow my God the one who has made me, and everything, who knows all, sees all, and lives outside of time with perspective that sees The epic spectrum of the galaxies; to stay here with me, in my thoughts, and worries, and let him comfort, reconcile, heal and lead me. Or... I can say "well it was great to see you, thanks for coming, but I have this thing, so I got to ask you to leave" and God being the gentleman he is, will. Leaving me to the company of my nagging worries, intrusive fears, and ever present shortcomings.

We will all stand facing the shadow of the unknown at some point, but is then that we have a choice to either walk through it with the creator who has perspective or to go into the fog alone with only our ideas and strength on how to make it through.

So often we invite God into our hearts, but forget to invite him into anything else. God wants to walk with you through everything. Your Creator holds peace, love, joy, overcoming truth, and redemption in his hands, which he holds freely out to you, are you have to do is take hold.