I Vow


Rachael, I vow to love you

Plain and simple I vow to love… you.

But not the love of the world
But instead the beautiful, intricate, powerful divine love designed by God

I vow to love you in all of your forms and to see the beauty in each of them
I vow to love you no matter who you are or who you become
But I also vow to everyday remind you who you were made to be

I vow to hold you when your mind or body grows weak, and to dance with you when you are fully alive.

I vow to never stop chasing you
To never give up the beautiful pursuit of knowing you and discovering an even more beautiful love than we have found already.

I vow to not just share, but create a life together, to dream adventure and believe together.

I vow to honor you, to hold you in high esteem, to respect your mind, and soul and the beautiful design they were created with.
I vow to listen to you, to hear the desires of your heart and to connect with your thoughts.

And I vow to love that you love life

I vow to seek God individually, and to strive to be the man god has created me to be
And I vow to seek God with you, and the beautiful design he has for our lives together

I vow to love you and only you for as long as you live.



These are the vows I made to the love of my life, they are forever and are made to last through anything that might come our way. They will be kept with the beautiful, loving and helping hands of the God who brought us together.