Why a Four Year Olds Tears are a Beautiful

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Js4YZ1z0to&w=560&h=315] This is to me deeply beautiful.

Say Something the piano ballad by Great Big World- is a gentle, powerful, and touching song that has skyrocketed into the publics ear with it's deeply personal driven lyrics about a relationship ending, haunting melodies striking heart strings with every minor note and deeply touching vocals that hold the air of someone like you or me expressing the depths of our soul.

When I first heard this song shown to me by my fiance Rachael Lee, I was suddenly hit with a blast of emotion. As each lyric and note floated through my car speakers, Memory upon memory was conjured up with each harmony sang, and minor note hit. They were real memories, close to me, each one resonating with something the artist was singing. I was brought back to the times of my life of deep doubt, and struggle when I didn't know if my now wife and I would make it through. I was forced into a beautiful slide show of the story that is ours to share but almost wasn't.

All of this because of a few notes and words strung together.

I thought maybe I had such a deep reaction to this song because of what I have been through and the experiences that have painted my understanding of the world.

But how mysteriously interesting it is to watch Young Jackson listen to this ballad. Jackson is four, and as we watch through the lens of a smartphone, this young man shedding tears as this song plays, it is plain to see, that this young man has something going on inside him in response to this song; something that is bringing a visceral and real reaction to the forefront of his countenance.

But how can this be? Jackson being only four would presumably know nothing about the the intricacies of a romantic relationship or the pain brought on from the loss or lack their of. But still Jackson is moved, deeply moved even to tears.

Could it be, that the ignition of our emotions go beyond simlpy our experience? Could it be that the deep longings we feel in response to beauty aren't learned but written on our hearts from before we can even begin to understand what they mean? Could it be that a master designer didn't leave our hearts up to chance but encoded his very being and passion into them before we even had a thought?

I don't know...

But, I know that day in and day out, I have unexplained responses to the beauty I find around me every day, and like Jackson I don't know why I am so effected, I don't know why I long, I don't know why I know why I am touched in the deepest part of my soul and feel a longing for for something I cannot explain

But, what I do know is that I and deeply moved to long for something I have never experienced before.